I was saddened today that Heath Ledger was found dead.  He was too young and had too many promises to keep to himself and his daughter.  I was, also, very sad when Anna Nicole was found dead.  She, too, had promises to keep with her daughter.  Her autopsy showed that had she seen a dr for the wound on her butt, she would have lived and had the chance to clean up and recover from her son’s death so she could have been here for Danielle.  I am curious to hear about the autopsy report for Heath. 

On the upside of my day….. I got to see a very FAV of mine and we got to plan our trip to the Arabian Horse Show in Phoenix next month.  Last year we were so busy that we didn’t really eat for two days.  This year, we are taking food with us.  Food that we do not have to cook and we will eat it on paper plates!  We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful Arabs!  Maybe I can find some kind of fairy on a horse at the show, too 🙂