My husband and I have been going to the Renaissance Festival in Phoenix for 6  years now.  We usually go for his birthday in March.  The past few years we have gone to the King’s Feast and last year I flew a friend of his to Phoenix from Billings, Montana to spend the day with us at the Festival.  This year was different for us, too…. we took the kids.  It has been my only day to be without them, but we decided that it was time to introduce them to the fun.  The day was nearly perfect.  The boys behaved themselves, the weather was not 110 degrees (it was a bit chilly), we saw the Ded Bob Show, went to the Joust, and the boys ate lots of food.  We went to a motel room Saturday night so that we didn’t have so much driving on Sunday. (it is about a 3-4 hr drive from our house)  I plugged my camera’s rechargable battery in at the motel and LEFT it behind…. so, no Excellent digital camera!! I had to buy a disposable one!!  That was really not so bad, I guess…. but it made me miss the PIC of the Day!  Some girls my son’s age came running up to him, dropped a hankerchief, said “Oh my, whatever will I do!”, he picked it up and kissed her hand.  It was a moment that only my brain will have to remember. Here is the pick that I did get.


We all dressed in our Ren costumes.  It such a hassle to get into mine!  But this year it didn’t cut off my lungs and hurt my back, like last year.  I have lost enough weight that it was actually comfortable to wear.


Husband went back to work – he is a truck driver and is gone for 2-4 months at a time.  I am glad that we had such a wonderful family day before he left.  The disposable camera saved the memories for us.  The motel called yesterday – they found my charger and battery.