Great husband is driving some of the band’s equipment on their current tour.  He one of several trucks.  Rascal Flatts will be playing in Salt Lake City this Friday night.  Then on Saturday night they will be in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort.   I hope to be able to go to see them since great husband gets free back stage passes.  After Las Vegas, they will be in Canada for about a week.

 Here is a video of them

 I got to go to the Mandalay Resort to see Mana last August.  I had never heard of them before husband went on tour with them because they are from Mexico.  That is one of the greatest bands I have ever heard… the band ranks 6th in the world of best latin bands.  I did not understand more than 5 words the whole concert (I do not speak Spanish) but the energy from the band and from the audience was almost overwhelming!

This is what I saw that night… different venue but the same show

I will let you know if I am able to get to LV to see Rascal Flatts