Last Saturday I drove down to Tucson to see my other daughter for the day.  We all went to the Colossal Cave Mountain Park.  You should check out their website – it is very extensive and informative – there is even a virtual tour.  We went on the basic cave tour – there are several levels of the tour.  The other two levels require you to be 18 or over and have some talent for climbing with ropes.  We had 2 under the age of 18 and 3 of us couldn’t climb with a rope!  The basic tour is great though.  The front of the caves have bat poo – aka guanoon the ceilings and it smells bad.  But we didn’t see or hear any bats.  The caves were “civilized” with steps and railing by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the mid 1930’s.  Here are a few of the pics I took of the inside of the cave.

We enter the caves


This is one of the many beautiful ceilings


My beautiful daughter


This used to be a waterfall


 Down at the Ranch, there is sluicing, a human sundial, horseback riding and museums.

This is of the four of us horseback riding.


Tomorrow I will post the “Spring HAS Sprung” pics that I took.