March 2008

This was going to be about St. Patrick’s Day.  Yesterday there was an 80-100 car pile up on the freeway a few miles before the exit to my house.  Some of my friends were involved.  Thankfully, there are only 2 reported fatalities.  During a complete whiteout, a semi jacknifed and then there was a domino effect.  Click this to read the Daily Sun’s account of the accident.  Miracles do happen and Life IS Good!


I hope that everyone heals fast and can get on with life.  And that we all learn a lesson from this tragedy.


 My great husband is 52 years old today.  He is alone, sitting at a truck stop on the outskirts of Las Vegas.  Last year, I flew his good friend, Dawn, from Montana.  He was so surprised!  Then we all went to the AZ RenFest in Phoenix.  He is away from his family about 85% of the time, yet he is still an active husband and father.  Seven and a half years ago I met him on the internet.  He took on a wife (lucky lucky me!), my 4 kids, dogs, cats and later 2 horses.  He was a single guy with lots of time just for himself!  We are most fortunate that this man was born 52 years ago!  We all appreciate all that he has given us.  I am a very lucky person to count him as my best friend!


I joined this site a few weeks ago.  I got a bunch of books posted, requested from me, sent and received some points to get some for myself.  I have joined a few sites like this over the years but the asking points were determined by the listers and they were asking outrageous amounts for their books.  This is one book = one point.  I received a few of the books for myself yesterday and am looking forward to having time to read them.  I have a link over on the right of my blog for this site… it is free except for the postage to mail a book to another member.  I hope that you like the program that they have…..

A River Runs Through the Property




Signs of Spring?










Husband has started a web site for his business.  It is called LOBOGUNZ.  He is still working on the “shopping cart” but the rest of it is done.  Stop by if you are in need of ammo or collector firearms.

How long does it take to eat a Tootsie Roll Pop?  Well, I want to know if the brain burps or farts when you can’t remember something that you know that you know!  Any thoughts fellow bloggers?

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