With used 2×4’s and old plywood and,of course my trusty battery powered drill and electric jig saw, I started a prototype greenhouse. I do not expect tomatoes, cukes. cantalope or watermelon plantings to give me a harvest THIS year… but I have a lot to learn about greenhouses before the freeze sets in. I will be a fairly decent gardener by next year. Starting MONTHS earlier than I did this year. The challenges of a gardener here in N AZ are many… short growing season -frost on both sides of season. Brutal winds and hail or solid sheets of water during Monsoon.

But, it is what it is, and I am going to use the negatives as a challenge to grow a few things next year.

I will be back in one year to inventory my harvests, compare the variables… too hot or too cold….composted horse manure as fertilizer vs chick&duck compost…