Favorite Sites

I have been busy all this past week working on getting my own domain and new updated blog site.  A Big HUGE THANKS to Talina for helping me get the site updated!  So, fix your favorites link (if you have one) and go over to read all about our new ducklings!


I have been looking forward to the Stuber Auctions starting again since last October.  They sell unpaid for storage rooms at the various storage unit locations around Flagstaff.  The items in the storage rooms vary a lot – such as, holiday decorations, jewelry, clothes, rugs, furniture, toys, collectables, pictures, books and mystery boxes.  Most things start at a dollar bidding.  Yesterday they even had a few cars for sale – one sold for $4.00.  The first time I went to one I felt strange going through some poor soul’s stuff.  But then I got caught up in the fun of it.  The people who attend these auctions are, in general, very nice people.  Yesterday I got a bike in fairly decent shape for $1.00.  I took it to a guy for repair and adjustments and it will still be cheaper than buying a new one.  Sometimes the storage room is sold as a whole item.  I got sunburned and windblown but I still had a good time.  I love the excitment of the live auction!




I found a site mentioned in the AZ Daily Sun for Waterfallswest.  The photographer’s name is Leon Turnbull.  He takes pics of waterfalls mostly on the west of the states and Canada.  You should go check out his gallery.  He has taken pics of Grand Falls just east of Flagstaff that are very beautiful.  He has taken some of other places that I love in California.  A fellow blogger, Talina, went to the Grand Falls about a week ago and she said that it is a great hike to the falls and that the hike is well worth it.  Leon would like us all to Help Save the North Fork of the American River .  I grew up along the American River and it is worth saving!  So, please, check out his beautiful site!  He has info on all of the waterfalls – such as driving directions, level of difficulty to get to the waterfall, if you can take your dog with you and lots of stuff about the waterfall.  I am going to take my boys to the Grand Falls as soon as I can before the water flow decreases.  And go to his blog to see Rainbow Bridge near Folsom Lake which is near Sacramento, CA – Rainbow Bridge is one of my old high school hangout places.