Life Is Good




I found a site mentioned in the AZ Daily Sun for Waterfallswest.  The photographer’s name is Leon Turnbull.  He takes pics of waterfalls mostly on the west of the states and Canada.  You should go check out his gallery.  He has taken pics of Grand Falls just east of Flagstaff that are very beautiful.  He has taken some of other places that I love in California.  A fellow blogger, Talina, went to the Grand Falls about a week ago and she said that it is a great hike to the falls and that the hike is well worth it.  Leon would like us all to Help Save the North Fork of the American River .  I grew up along the American River and it is worth saving!  So, please, check out his beautiful site!  He has info on all of the waterfalls – such as driving directions, level of difficulty to get to the waterfall, if you can take your dog with you and lots of stuff about the waterfall.  I am going to take my boys to the Grand Falls as soon as I can before the water flow decreases.  And go to his blog to see Rainbow Bridge near Folsom Lake which is near Sacramento, CA – Rainbow Bridge is one of my old high school hangout places.

This was going to be about St. Patrick’s Day.  Yesterday there was an 80-100 car pile up on the freeway a few miles before the exit to my house.  Some of my friends were involved.  Thankfully, there are only 2 reported fatalities.  During a complete whiteout, a semi jacknifed and then there was a domino effect.  Click this to read the Daily Sun’s account of the accident.  Miracles do happen and Life IS Good!


I hope that everyone heals fast and can get on with life.  And that we all learn a lesson from this tragedy.

truck vs plow

Now that I have processed some of the physical and emotional trauma, I have a bit of a story to tell.  My husband and I had, as Nicole would say, “A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” last Thursday.  An AZ DOT snow plow T-Boned our beautiful Ford 250.  That truck saved our lives because it is so big – never will I complain about having to climb all the way up to get in the cab (I am 5ft9inces). Husband had a dislocated shoulder and the driver’s door window in his face that required 10 stitches.  I have a sprained ankle, swollen nose, torn neck muscles, and scalp abrasion.

truck damage


Husband and I rode to the hospital in matching guerneys.  He was taken in one direction, me to a different part of the emergency room.  We were both strapped to back boards with our heads taped down.  He got some “happy” stuff – I didn’t even get a tylenol.  His valuables were collected by Security and inventoried.  Mine were left on a table unattended.  The nurses cut most of our clothes off.  Husband got his pants and both shoes returned – plus a new shirt.  My pants and one boot were returned.  I didn’t get the other boot back OR a shirt to wear until I told them all to “Kiss my ass”.

Hopefully, the truck is repairable.  I am optimistic while we wait for the estimate.  It became a very important part of our lives that day.  I don’t even care what color it will be painted.  It DID have an awesome paint job!

 The gist of my story really is – PLEASE, Look at your loved ones and be sooooo thankful for them.  Even if they irritate the shit out of you at times.  This whole experience made me sit and think….. I LOVE LIFE!!!!  I so totally treasure the few friends that I have.  Each and every one of them stepped up to help with my kids and animals….. even a ride home!  One friend was there at the ER with her child and called someone to get my kids from school.  She was like looking up at an angel… and calmed me from total hysteria just by being there.  Another friend let me scream and rant on my cell after I told off the nurses, put my coat and one shoe on and left the hospital.  She calmed me enough to be able to have the strength to go back in the ER to deal with my injuries.  Other friends stepped up to get my boys to their respective basketball games because I could not attend.  THANK YOU and BLESS ALL OF YOU!  You are all such treasures in my life and I love you all!  And, I want to thank each and every higher power that allowed husband and I to have many more years together….. I could not do without my very bestest friend.