This is suppose to be an article from the AZ Daily Sun… I am not sure if it is coming thru to the blog…


So here is a link, City, NAU Make Joint Proposal, to the article and the photo from paper as a teaser 😀

 Ya think this may just be an APRIL FOOLS trick!?


My other blog got hacked. I am trying to restore it but …. I think that it will be a miracle if I do! I am not tech savvy and HOSTICAN, my server, is passing the buck to help me fix it. So, for now, I will be posting from this freebie… I will be making some cruel passwords to help protect this one. I just can not figure out why these ppl with no lives do this to us. I only post family pics and stupid stuff… nothing that would warrant be hacked about…

chrisryan.jpgThis is another great photography site – but not just another photographer!  Chris is my daughter’s best friend and I really like him, too!  You really need to check out his work from many views and places around the world.  I love his work on the page titled “Landscape and Wildlife”.

This is one of my favorites – Chris gave it to me as a gift and it hangs over my aquarium….. I think it is very appropriate there!  It is a Pacific Ocean wave at Santa Cruz, CA 


I hope you get time to go a view his work and  pick out your favorite!

The sunshine is so beautiful today – after so many dark days of snow!





I hope the sun is shining very bright for you today, too!



Well now that we are mending fairly well for a couple of old folks, we got a new-to-us truck – a 2001 Ford F-150.  Much more of a truck than I thought we were going to buy – but it will serve all the purposes we need it to do.  I need a hay hauler, husband needs a vehicle to go to gun shows (and leave me MY car!), to go shooting and it is a 4X4 to get us out of the driveway and out to the main road in the snow.  So, here is a pic of it (the windows and hood have frost on them) and you may, also, agree that it is more than I thought we were going to buy……

So, I guess, we are on the road, again!  It will soon be hay hauling day. 

It is called Clean&Shield.  I saw this stuff advertised on a news channel one day and had to try it.  You won’t believe how it cleans AND puts a shield to protect the surface.  I used the Glass Care on my black stove top and it actually makes clean up so much easier.  I used it on the glass doors of the tv cabinet and no more fingerprints from the boys getting to the wii all day.  I usethe Bathroom Care in the shower and it just melted the soap scum!  I am so amazed.  I have cleaned houses for years and when I think of all of the cleanser/bleach mixtures I have made to do what this stuff does…….  No odors, no skin burning.  It states that it is user friendly and I believe it!  It is free of chlorine bleach, phosphates, ammonia and harsh acids or alkalis.  I admit that for glass, I had to do a bit more rubbing to get it non-streak – but it was well worth the effort.  The news ad I saw said that it was only available at Albertsons.  That is where I got mine.  But the link I put here takes you to the site and it costs the same as at the store – with shipping, a bit more.  But I don’t think that it is an extreme price to pay for what I got. 

Yesterday was Basketball Day for our family.  Luke had 4 games with his school and Leavi had one game at night with the YMCA.  We had a quality day with each boy.  Also, at Leavi’s game, I had the pleasure of watching one of my FAV families….. they were laughing and sharing.  I love going to sport functions with my boys…. soccer, baseball and basketball.  The family times are so great to see…. I love watching the small children who are not old enough, yet, playing in groups on their own….. Of course, our own family time is great, too.  I cherish the times with my kids, they are so fleeting at times.  The kids grow up too fast some days, and other days I wonder if bedtime will ever come.  Since I have 2 grown daughters, I look back and wish I could have more days with them.  Now they are too busy in their own lives but that is good.  I remember the days I had with them as babies, toddles, school days……… the awful teenage confrontations…. but that all has passed and they are beautiful, independent and smart adults now.  Knowing how fast the days of youth are spent, I think I treasure the boys childhoods even more.  I can hardly wait some days for them to grow up and get their own lives – and, yet,  I wish I could keep them here with me longer.  I look forward to seeing the men they will become.  And I do not take that job of getting them there lightly.

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