I have been looking forward to the Stuber Auctions starting again since last October.  They sell unpaid for storage rooms at the various storage unit locations around Flagstaff.  The items in the storage rooms vary a lot – such as, holiday decorations, jewelry, clothes, rugs, furniture, toys, collectables, pictures, books and mystery boxes.  Most things start at a dollar bidding.  Yesterday they even had a few cars for sale – one sold for $4.00.  The first time I went to one I felt strange going through some poor soul’s stuff.  But then I got caught up in the fun of it.  The people who attend these auctions are, in general, very nice people.  Yesterday I got a bike in fairly decent shape for $1.00.  I took it to a guy for repair and adjustments and it will still be cheaper than buying a new one.  Sometimes the storage room is sold as a whole item.  I got sunburned and windblown but I still had a good time.  I love the excitment of the live auction!





Spring HAS Sprung – mostly in Southern AZ!

Sunset Point


North of Phoenix



Picacho Peaks  north of Tucson


 Southeast of Tucson


Last Saturday I drove down to Tucson to see my other daughter for the day.  We all went to the Colossal Cave Mountain Park.  You should check out their website – it is very extensive and informative – there is even a virtual tour.  We went on the basic cave tour – there are several levels of the tour.  The other two levels require you to be 18 or over and have some talent for climbing with ropes.  We had 2 under the age of 18 and 3 of us couldn’t climb with a rope!  The basic tour is great though.  The front of the caves have bat poo – aka guanoon the ceilings and it smells bad.  But we didn’t see or hear any bats.  The caves were “civilized” with steps and railing by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the mid 1930’s.  Here are a few of the pics I took of the inside of the cave.

We enter the caves


This is one of the many beautiful ceilings


My beautiful daughter


This used to be a waterfall


 Down at the Ranch, there is sluicing, a human sundial, horseback riding and museums.

This is of the four of us horseback riding.


Tomorrow I will post the “Spring HAS Sprung” pics that I took.

chrisryan.jpgThis is another great photography site – but not just another photographer!  Chris is my daughter’s best friend and I really like him, too!  You really need to check out his work from many views and places around the world.  I love his work on the page titled “Landscape and Wildlife”.

This is one of my favorites – Chris gave it to me as a gift and it hangs over my aquarium….. I think it is very appropriate there!  It is a Pacific Ocean wave at Santa Cruz, CA 


I hope you get time to go a view his work and  pick out your favorite!

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt today at home.  I thought that my oldest would think that he was too old for this tradion but he said that he wanted to do it.  It was much later in the day than usual.  I usually have the eggs hidden by 6am but this year I was tired – very tired.  We went to Tucson at 7am yesterday and did not get back to the house until midnight.  Our “river” had nearly dried up today, so I was able to use almost the entire acre to hide the eggs.  We did not use any of the horse corral.  The boys are standing where the “river” was.

So HAPPY EASTER Everyone!!  I hope that you all had a great day, hopefully with your family.


I found a site mentioned in the AZ Daily Sun for Waterfallswest.  The photographer’s name is Leon Turnbull.  He takes pics of waterfalls mostly on the west of the states and Canada.  You should go check out his gallery.  He has taken pics of Grand Falls just east of Flagstaff that are very beautiful.  He has taken some of other places that I love in California.  A fellow blogger, Talina, went to the Grand Falls about a week ago and she said that it is a great hike to the falls and that the hike is well worth it.  Leon would like us all to Help Save the North Fork of the American River .  I grew up along the American River and it is worth saving!  So, please, check out his beautiful site!  He has info on all of the waterfalls – such as driving directions, level of difficulty to get to the waterfall, if you can take your dog with you and lots of stuff about the waterfall.  I am going to take my boys to the Grand Falls as soon as I can before the water flow decreases.  And go to his blog to see Rainbow Bridge near Folsom Lake which is near Sacramento, CA – Rainbow Bridge is one of my old high school hangout places.

This was going to be about St. Patrick’s Day.  Yesterday there was an 80-100 car pile up on the freeway a few miles before the exit to my house.  Some of my friends were involved.  Thankfully, there are only 2 reported fatalities.  During a complete whiteout, a semi jacknifed and then there was a domino effect.  Click this to read the Daily Sun’s account of the accident.  Miracles do happen and Life IS Good!


I hope that everyone heals fast and can get on with life.  And that we all learn a lesson from this tragedy.